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We are South Australia’s professional association of building inspectors.

ABC members are specialist building industry consultants, providing building inspections, reports and advice to the South Australian public and industry.

Members uphold our Code of Practice, so you can be sure to find an inspector you can trust.

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Buying to renovate or redevelop - Top tips

Looking to buy an investment property to renovate or redevelop? Here's our top tips for investors when looking for the right property.

Termites - Top Tips

With claims that one in every four properties are likely to come under attack at some point, the termite remains the most dreaded of all household pests. Read our top tips for keeping your largest asset best protected.

Making a home future proof

If you are planning to build a home, or about to embark on renovations, now is the chance to make sure your design can adapt to changes down the track.

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ABC welcomes new Executive Committee members

The Association of Building Consultants has welcomed Scott Fletcher as its new President and Travis Summerton as its newly-appointed Treasurer following its recent AGM, with Andrew Butler continuing as the Association’s Secretary.

Home Building Protection Review submission

Home Building Protection Review government submission

Home Building Protection media release

Home Building Protection Review media release

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